New season Tulips


I was given a lovely bunch of tulips on Friday and they have lit up my home.  Their presence seems to radiate spring time and an air of positivity.   Fresh tulips are ideal for sending to say hello, happy birthday, get well soon or a thank you.

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Don't forget Mothers Day is on the 30th March!

Tried and Tested, Good Housekeeping Institute



Once again we have been tried and tested by Good Housekeeping magazine in their annual Rose Test for Valentines Day.

Ordering the Fineflora True Romantic Bouquet, a hand tied bouquet of 12 red roses, Good Housekeeping said:

"Bright red, medium/short-stemmed Freedom rose bouquet, without foliage, had wow factor on arrival.... Roses lasted an amazing 15 days"

See the full review here:

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Birth Month Flowers



If it's your birthday today then Happy Birthday!  Did you know your birth flower is a Carnation?

Here are the birth flowers for the year.  Click here to see our blog post on the Meanings/Symbolisations of flowers.

January: Carnation

February: Violet

March: Daffodil

April: Sweet Pea

May: Lily of the Valley

June: Rose

July: Larkspur

August: Poppy

September: Aster/Forget-me-not

October: Limonium

November: Chrysanthemum

December: Narcissus

The Narcissi are back

That was quick, the narcissi are back in season.   Our chap in the Isles of Scilly is picking and wrapping for you as we speak, well type!  There is nothing fresher than the aroma of these highly scented mini daffs in your home at Christmas.  Fill bowls, vases, pots and jugs full of them for bright cheery flower arrangements.  We also put a few in a little jam jar in the bedroom and bathroom for our guests over Christmas.

Currently on Special Offer:  50 stems for £20.00!


Christmas Gift Hampers

The Fineflora Christmas hamper range has now gone live and has started selling.  We find they are a popular gift with our customers who live overseas and want to send a food basket at Christmas to a relative or friend.  There is a wide choice including a sweet basket, traditional port and wine, chocolates and everything but the kitchen sink!  Order now as we know from past years, they sell out fast!

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Three Wise Men Hamper, £50

A Bouquet of bank notes...?*!*

Internet users decry cash-packed bouquet as the latest example of how some members of China’s affluent but uncultured nouveau riche have taken a battering ram to the boundaries of good taste photo:

Sorry this is one bouquet that we won't be able to send this Christmas!  Internet users in China are up in arms about the display of wealth from this suitor to his bride to be after presenting her with a bouquet of 10,000 yuan (approx £1,020) bank notes.  We say what happened to the romance of Roses?

Ho ho ho! Santa's coming...

Gosh the year has been flying!  We now have our Christmas flower range up, including wreaths.  We hope there is something for every budget here - from our freshly picked stems of narcissi from the Scilly Isles to our gift of a monthly luxury bouquet for a year.  What a treat!  Order now for Christmas delivery

Christmas Door Wreath

Gold Red Flower Bouquet

Fresh Lily flowers

An old Chinese proverb says If you have two loaves of bread, sell one and buy a lily.  The lily flower has had many meanings over the centuries covering love, purity, mortality and femininity.  Well whatever your intentions are, we have a good selection of fresh lily bouquets to choose from to help you send your personal message.

Pink Lily Flowers

The Pink Lily Bouquet

White Lily Bouquet

The White Lily Bouquet

Yellow Lily Flowers

The Yellow Lily Bouquet

Asiatic orange lilies

Luxury Asiatic Tiger Lily Bouquet

Pink Oriental Fresh Lilies

Oriental Pink Lily Bouquet

Fresh Black Cala Lily Flowers

Fresh Black Cala Lilies

White Lily Bouquet Fresh Flowers

Luxury Large White Lily Bouquet

Mango coloured calla lily flowers

Mango Calla Lily Bouquet

Orange and Yellow Lily Flowers

Citrus & Orange Fresh Lily Bouquet

2 Day Sale!

We have a two day sale this week: A minimum 15% discount on all flowers and bouquets. This means that including current discounts you can get up to 26% Off!  To claim this discount you must use voucher code SE55 This offer is valid for 2 days only, commencing today.

There are also FREE Chocolates with a few of our Guernsey Flower range:  the Pastel Flowers Bouquet, Pink & White Flowers Bouquet and our large Guernsey grown Fancy Carnations. Don't forget that to claim the chocolates, you need to tick the box during checkout.


F is for Freesia

F is for freesias scented & sweet,

Pretty and dainty but no good to eat!

First from South Africa now grown worldwide,

From Holland to Guernsey to USA stateside,

The best are from Guernsey a GB Channel Island,

Grown, picked and shipped to UK Mainland,

Our freesias are loved and enjoyed for weeks in a vase,

By friends, families, mums and hoards of grandmas,

To order the best freesia, when you’ve got time,

Please visit our website and order online,

With great value freesias, Fineflora you’ll find,

Is a fabulous florist, just one of a kind.


Penned in the office - thanks Guys!


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