Fineflora Points

Earn Fineflora Points every time you order!

Fineflora Points is Fineflora's way of thanking you for ordering from us.

Register and everytime you buy flowers, hampers or tree gifts you will earn Fineflora Points. Currently, for every £1 you spend on a bouquet, hamper or tree gift, you will earn 1 Fineflora Point which can be redeemed against your next order or can be saved to spend at all at once!

By collecting Fineflora Points, you will get 10% back on the flower, hamper or tree gift value to either spend on your next order or to save up to spend all at once on a future order. Each Fineflora Point is worth 10p, so on a £25 bouquet of flowers you would earn 25 Fineflora Points which can be saved up or used to get £2.50 off your next order!

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